FŁ4K 2022: Bliscy

Divided-connected by arteries, streets, walls of houses, factories and palaces. City-community.

We live in a shared space. We - Poles. We - Ukrainians. We - Belarusians, Georgians, Vietnamese, Spaniards, Hindu. We - the citizens of the world. We - the local; we - the visitors. We: the people of Łódź.

Divided-connected by cultures, languages, time. Together-separate. Single - united. Half-notes in the melody of the city. Molecules of existence as they run, pass each other, collide on the sidewalks of the orbits of the urban universe.

Closer-distant, still tied like weft and warp in one fabric of Łodz.

Łódź of Four Cultures. Łódź of many cultures.

Here we stand in front of the scenes every year. We look, listen, empathize. We look for hope, joy and community.

Here we dream - we create a city where we live together, independent of history and geography.

Different - the same.

Free from prejudices. Far from judging.

Close to each other.