18 September, 21:00
Konkret Club, address: Więckowskiego 36


A young kindergarten teacher from a village near Kiev who instantly became a revelation of Ukrainian hip-hop music. She was awarded with ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award’19 for the up-and-coming musical talent, as well as Music Moves Europe Talent Awards’21 and the Public Choice Award’21.

Alyona alyona started her carrier in 2018, although she had been making music for over 10 years before that. On stage, she is like the power of nature. She raps with the crazy flow in her mother tongue, Ukrainian.
She makes music without any unnecessary additions or adornment. In her songs, she tells stories of women who go beyond the stereotypical beauty trends (Ribki) and of young adults forced to leave Ukraine because of the situation in the country (Salischaju swij dim). She is an artist who understands the real life: before she became a kindergarten teacher and studied psychology, she worked as a cashier at the supermarket and as a shop assistant in a beauty supply shop. Today, she shares the eye-opening yet humorous message to the world as an influential rapper.  In Ukraine, she is the idol of the crowds. Music videos in which she is dancing like the queen of the street in front of the blocks of flats located in her home town, Baryshivka, or becomes a fairy-tale mother living in a dystopian world, have over one million of views.  In April 2021, her new music album GALAS (in Ukrainian: hype) was released.  Out of 16 songs, 11 were recorded featuring artists from the whole world, e.g. Canadian hip-hop artist Dax, Mexican singer Yoss Bones, independent Australian singer Sexton, Argentinian Ecko, Israeli indie music star Noga Erez, Ukrainian singer, composer and songwriter MONATIK and other. In her songs, alyona alyona touches upon the meaningful topics of ecology, hunger, poverty, pandemic, inner strength and harmony, hostility and stereotypes concerning the female beauty.  
In 2019, she performed at European festivals: Trans Musicales Rennes festival FR, Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg DE, Fusion DE, Pohoda SK, Atlas Weekend UA, Sziget HU, Haldern-Pop DE, Pop-Kultur Berlin DE, Loftas fest Vilnius LT, Waves Vienna AT, TMW EE, Iceland Airwaves festival Reykjavik IS and other.  This year, she took part in the ESNS festival and was awarded with Music Moves Europe Talent Awards’21 and the Public Choice Award’21.

The evening will end dj  set by Kostek Usenko.


Concert sponsored by ROSSMANN.