Cross-generational Picnic at the Survivors’ Park

18 September
15:00 – fun and games
17:00 – concert of Majka Jeżowska
19:00 – concert of Dikanda

On the last day of the Łódź of Four Cultures Festival 2021, during the cross-generational picnic, Majka Jeżowska and the Dikanda band will entertain people of all ages, citizens of Łódź and visitors to the city, fans of upbeat music, lively rhythm and playful joy. 

Famous for her tender voice and incredibly lively stage presence, Majka Jeżowska – a singer, composer, author of many hit songs and music shows, producer and the head of her own label Ja-Majka Music – has been gathering wide audiences on her family concerts for many years now.  Her greatest hits such as A ja wolę moją mamę, Wszystkie dzieci nasze są, Kolorowe dzieci or Laleczka z saskiej porcelany are the soundtrack of childhood for yet another generation of fans. She has been organising the Rhythm and Melody Song Festival in Radom since 2006. Her albums went platinum and gold several times. She is a multiple award winner at the National Polish Song Festival, the winner of the first prize at the Baltic Song Contest Karlsham, the Lady of the Order of Smile, the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and a great friend of children. With her colourful character, songs, warm contact with the audience and a great sense of humour, Majka Jeżowska can make everyone dance, sing and enjoy the concert. 

Majka Jeżowska’s concert is going to take place on 18 September at 17:00. Later, at 19:00 the stage will resound with the ethnic music played by the Dikanda band. 

Every single concert of Dikanda is a combination of energy, charisma, and genuine feelings with the learning of Dikandish – the original language of the band, full of interesting word formation ideas. The band comes from Szczecin and plays world music. In their artistic work, they pay attention to the authentic character of their style – most of their songs are their own compositions. They constantly look for new artistic trends and derive inspiration from traditional, folk sounds of the widely understood Orient, starting with the Balkans, to Israel, Kurdistan and Belarus, and finally to India. They have released 7 albums, including a DVD Live recorded in Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane and played hundreds of concerts, mainly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also in Russia, India and the USA. The band’s Usztijo has been awarded with the Album of the Year prize of the German Folker magazine.