Free space

1 - 15 September

A city is both an internal and external space. Here, sometimes we breathe deeply, and at other times our breathing is shallow. We also project on this space the images which are generated in our memory and imagination. Their afterimages float in the urban air and, although they remain invisible, they define its character.  The past is the space of the city. It makes the city material, corporeal – these are the guts thanks to which we can experience it. The boundary between the present and the past is shifting tangibly and constantly. Symbols and images, faster than thoughts, burst into the future of the city. The pace of life is set by modern clocks: the omnipresent, pervasive ads, being the axis of human dreams, plans, and desires. The Free space project releases creative urban advertising spots from their functionality and hands them over to artists representing various fields. The space of noise and fast heartbeat will become an intimate space, a silent haven for personal confessions. Billboards and citylights will make a truce with us for a while and they will stop attacking us. Advertisements, which are intended to affect our senses and subconsciousness, will disappear, giving place to the inner images, to what is usually invisible and not compelling to those who pass by in a hurry. The Free space exhibition is not subordinate to any leading ideas. It is heterogeneous and fills the empty spaces rather adventitiously. 
We are in the city, and the city is in us. It is enough to stop in order to see how the new, multicultural ground emerges and speaks to us using new languages and images. It resembles the Braille code: we don’t understand most of it, but it catches our attention. There, in those free spaces, the untamed noises coming from the city cut through to our ears – modern foreign languages: the sign language, the animal language, some nonhuman growl. When they get quiet, we face the silence of death. 

Agnieszka Zawadowska

The Free space exhibition is an exercise intended to broaden the field of sensitivity; this is an invitation to the parallel universes that are more malleable, sharper or more blurred than the everyday life we experience. And although those universes function in the imagination, they influence our life. Can our creative imagination lift the boundaries between different universes and alter our perception of social, national or religious affiliation that does not respond to the challenges of the modern world, but remains with us due to the power of inertia, indifferent to the metamorphoses of our civilization, detached from our expectations and needs? The invited artists search for the possibilities of self-determination; they walk along the non-existent paths, creating the inner map of the city.  

Anna Łazar

The authors of the exhibition:

Lia Dostliewa
Elżbieta Jabłońska
Katarzyna Kozyra
Kobas Laksa
Dominika Friedrich
Daniel Kotowski
Katarzyna Proniewska –Mazurek
Ada Rączka
Magdalena, Maksymilian Rigamonti
Anna Rutkowska
Jadwiga Sawicka
Jacqueline Sobiszewski
Malwina Ziętek
Tomek Wysocki
Joanna Żylińska 

Agnieszka Zawadowska
Monika Rudaś – Grodzka
Anna Łazar