documentary film, dir. Piotr Szczepański
77 minutes

17 September, 18:00, The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź, address: Wojska Polskiego 83

Miriam is a mother of five children, with a sense of mission. She wants to show that Jewish life is still possible in Poland. She comes from an assimilated Jewish family and belongs to the third generation of Holocaust survivors. Additionally, she believes that Poland is not a big graveyard. 

At the age of 20, she decided to return to her roots – she changed her lifestyle and name and joined the Orthodox Jewish Community. However, she has remained the same person, still full of passion for life, who wishes to look into the future instead of dwelling on the past. @miriamfrompoland it’s a two-year intimate observation of the life of a small Jewish community, recorded using the Direct Cinema method  – we observe the world from the perspective of the family. The main topics of the film are identity and affiliation. Who am I? Am I Polish or Jewish, or maybe both? Where is my community?


He was born in 1975 in Łódź. He is a member of the Polish Film Academy, Directors’ Guild of Poland and Polish Documentary Directors’ Guild. He specializes in long observation documentaries made with the use of the Direct Cinema method. He received the Golden Hobby-Horse award for his documentary debut Cool Kids of Death Generation at the Festival in Cracow in 2004. As he is a film operator by education, he is also known as a cinematographer. He has worked e.g. with Krzysztof Zanussi, Sławomir Fabicki and Krzysztof Wodiczka at the Venice Biennale.


Łódź-based producer and production manager, the Dean of the Department of Film Art Organization of the Film Art Organization Production. She is the producer of  documentary films made by Anagram Film; in her professional career she has also worked as the production manager of the films of directors such as Marcin Wrona (My Flesh and Blood), Mariko Bobrik (Taste of Pho) and Magnus von Horn (Sweat).


The production house run by Anna Pachnicka, on the film market since 2003. Originally, the company was engaged in the production of  music videos and publicity films. With time, it has specialized in shooting documentary films. It is known for Cool Kids of Death Generation by Piotr Szczepański, which was awarded the Golden Hobby-Horse in Cracow, and W drodze by Leszek Dawid. Later on, it has also produced feature films: Absolute beginner by Piotr Szczepański and – as a co-producer – Loving by Sławomir Fabicki.

Written by: Piotr Szczepański
Directed by: Piotr Szczepański
Production management: Anna Pachnicka
Sound: Rober Sędzicki
Cinematography: Piotr Szczepański
Film editing and colour correction: Piotr Szczepański
Produced by: Anna Pachnicka
Year of production: 2021
Country: Polska
Starring: Miriam Synger, Iwo Synger, Szymon Szychowski, Hana Szychowska, Janka Szychowska, Rut Szychowska, Benjamin Synger, Dawid Gurfinkiel, Eliza Gaust, Michalina Majewska i Katarzyna Zimmerer.

Produced by: Anagram Film Anna Pachnicka

Co-production: Piotr Szczepański

EC1 Łódź – The city of culture in Łódź
Managing Director: Błażej Moder

Łódź Film Commission
Head of Łódź Film Commission: Monika Głowacka

KBF – operator Krakow Film Commission
Director: Izabela Błaszczyk

co-financed by: Krakow Regional Film Fund from the budget of the Municipality of Krakow and the Malopolskie province

The film was made with the organisational support of Krakow Film Commission Head of Krakow Film Commission: Dariusz Nosal