Philosophical talks about deep ecology – guided walks for children

17 September, 17:00
18 September, 14:00
The Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Łódź, address: Wojska Polskiego 83


The philosophy of deep ecology reaches the very roots of environmental problems. It focuses on the effectiveness of actions taken to save the nature from destruction, while avoiding superficial, symbolic gestures. In this sense, deep ecology is not only about the clean up the world campaigns or metal straws. Taking the garbage from the forest path and moving it to a place that we conventionally call a garbage dump does not make the garbage disappear. It disappears from our sight, and with it leaves our awareness of the problem of the never-ending production of waste. Deep ecology intends to get to the root of the modern world’s problems and remove their causes rather than effects. The way to do this is by asking deep, inquisitive questions – the essence of philosophy.
During our guided philosophical walks, we will ask children about why we live the way we do. What is the meaning of life? What are the most important goals in life? Which values do we really need? Why do we destroy nature? What is the right way to live?

The workshop is for children at the age of 7-12.

Guide: Anna Jurek

educator and philosopher. Promotor of Matthew Lipman’s Philosophy for Children Program, according to which she conduct workshops with kids and trainings for teachers. Licenced trainer of the ΛΕΓΩ-ΛΟΓΟΣ™ Project of Philosophical Education™ by Jarosław Spychała. She runs workshops in Powszechny Theatre after plays from the “Dziecko w sytyacji” series. For Pinokio Theatre, she also conducted workshops and co-created the “Włącz teatr” project, in which she designed teaching aids for the play "Gdzie jest Lajlonia?" based on "13 bajek z królestwa Lajlonii dla dużych i małych” by Leszek Kołakowski. She cooperates with the Children's University of Lodz and the Kropka Kreska Picture Book Festival. Graduate of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Lodz. Vice-president of the SPUNK Foundation for Modern Education. In 2017, she received the badge "For Merit to the City of Łódź" for her activities for the City that is worthy of special recognition. She also has an Instagram profile – @pani.cogito.filozofuje.