The Music of The Books of Jacob

11 September, 20:00
St. Matthew’s Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Łódź, address: Piotrkowska 279/283



A multicoloured and multicultural musical fresco, an exceptional soundtrack that dates back to the time of Jacob Frank. Inspired by the epic book by Olga Tokarczuk, The Music of the Books of Jacob, it takes us back to the historical and geographical space in which the Frankist sect was born and followed, intriguing both in terms of religion and philosophy. Many musical bricks make up a consistent collage, in which the classical repertoire, Haydn and Mozart, is accompanied by compositions deriving from Jewish music, Turkish and Balkan vibes, or Moldavian and Ukrainian folk rituals.

The dramaturgical axis of the show is set by a few philosophical songs, where some of the lyrics are in fact fragments of Olga Tokarczuk’s poetic texts taken from The Books of Jacob.

All these elements originating from different cultures and music genres are bound by the innovative language of the 21st-century music, the underlying message – enigmatic, based to a large extent on open improvisations, as well as the individual sensitivity and exceptional performance of the artists invited to the project: world-famous composer and singer Agata Zubel; Bastarda trio, composed of excellent instrumentalists representing the world of improvised music, and Lutosławski Quartet, which has already gained recognition in European concert halls. The show would not be complete without the virtuoso of the Arabic lute (oud) Mateusz Szemraj and extraordinary drummer and percussionist Hubert Zemler.

Authors of the show – scriptwriter and director Miron Zajfert and composer and author of musical arrangement Tomasz Pokrzywiński – together with Marcin Tercjak, the music curator of the Festival, invite you to take this amazing musical journey across Europe, with Olga Tokarczuk’s Nobel-winning book as a guide.

The show is produced by the Łódź of Four Cultures Festival.

Agata Zubel
Trio Bastarda
Lutosławski Quartet
Mateusz Szemraj
Hubert Zemler

Musical Direction – Tomasz Pokrzywiński
Scriptwriter and director – Miron Zajfert
Curator – Marcin Tercjak
Light – Tomasz Filipiak
Production – Kamila Golik, Nadia Krzywania

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