Workshop on mindfulness

11-12 and 16-17 September
Marek Edelman Dialogue Center, address: Wojska Polskiego 83

The practice of mindfulness is a psychological and intentional process of paying attention to what one experiences here and now, without assessing and evaluating it. You can develop it through diverse techniques of meditation and other training. Mindfulness is a valuable practice of becoming detached from your own thoughts and feelings, which gives you space for a critical view of the reality and your own thought processes. It is also helpful in managing behaviour patterns such as compulsive shopping, overeating, or addictions. 
In the modern world, many problems originate from the fact that people take actions that are harmful to themselves and to the whole planet. They act on the spur of the moment, just because other people do that, or because they don’t know that they can do things differently. Mindfulness helps us switch off the autopilot which we use every day, and live more consciously, in compliance with the things that are important to us, and not only convenient or pleasant ones. 

During the workshop, the participants will test different ways to practice mindfulness and experiment with adjusting them to their own life. The workshop is designed for a group of about 12 adult people – with no upper age limit – and they last two days (5 hours every day). 


Julian Czurko – instructor, coach, dialogue moderator, and educator. In his work, he focuses on two areas. The first one includes soft skills: communication, cooperation, mindfulness, empathy, and creativity. In the other one, he uses modern technologies in education and solving the challenges of the modern world. He aims to find the ideal balance and develop permanent, integrative and safe communities.